High-throughput analysis labs

labos-pipettesThe Biodiversity Centre laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technology to assist researchers in the culture and rapid identification of microbial species, as well as high-throughput analysis of biological and environmental samples.

The 320 m2 laboratory complex is subdivided according to function: a reception centre for preparing samples, an extraction lab, an isolation lab (including a room classified BSL2 − biosafety level 2), two molecular biology labs (pre-PCR and post-PCR), several service areas (cleaning room, chemical supply room, storage rooms) as well as incubation and conservation units.

The Centre’s equipment for isolating and incubating microorganisms includes a soil-sifting instrument, incubator shakers, ovens, biological incubators, multiple laminar flow hoods, including BSL2 confinement chambers, and an automated culture vial filling system.

Equipment for molecular characterization includes sample grinders; three robots (EVO 100 and EVO 150) to handle liquids for DNA/RNA extraction, prepare PCR and purify samples; two quantitative real-time PCR machines; several gradient PCR machines; microplate readers; a LI-COR sequencer for genotyping; a gel documentation system; and high-speed electrophoresis systems.