Michel Labrecque

Michel Labrecque
Adjunct professor
Université de Montréal

Head of Research & Scientific Dev.
Montreal Botanical Garden



Ecophysiology of woody species: biomass yield of woody crop cultivated for bioenergy and environment applications. Nutrition and assimilation under various environmental conditions. Restoration of contaminated sites, phytoremediation, decontamination of municipal sludge.


The studies conducted by our laboratory examine the physiological functioning of plants, and address a variety of environmental issues. In recent years, numerous applied research projects have been conducted in order to explore possible solutions to various environmental problems, while simultaneously contributing to our understanding of plant functioning.

The assimilation of nutrients, contaminants, as well as trace elements are recurring themes studied in our laboratory. For example, we have examined the impact of the use of various types of organic fertilizers (sludge, pig manure, etc.) on plants and the environment; other studies have focused on the presence of heavy metals, whether in organic fertilizer or in soil in the form of contaminants. More recently, studies were undertaken on contaminated soils with organic pollutants (PAH, PCB, etc.). In this context, studies integrate research in genomics and bioinformatics and involved collaborations with researchers from other disciplines. These studies are conducted to better understand the complex interactions between pollutants, soil, plant roots and microorganisms at the rhizosphere level.

Our team has been particularly interested in short rotation coppice of willows (Salix). Our aim has been to maximize the potential of the unique characteristics of these species: rapid growth and root proliferation, and exceptional aptitude for vegetative propagation. We are interested by the operational feasibility of SRC with willows in Eastern Canada by improving cultivation techniques and selecting new varieties.

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  • Funding member of the Société québécoise de phytotechnologie
  • Board member of the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network