David Morse

Full professor
department of biological sciences



Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Dinoflagellates. Chronobiology.


Our laboratory works with the dinoflagellate Gonyaulax polyedra, a unicellular marine protist. A circadian (daily) clock in this organism regulates its biochemistry, allowing it to specialize for photosynthesis during the day and bioluminescence at night. We want to understand the biochemical events that underlie these changes and to elucidate the regulatory events that control them. We are also interested in understanding the complex interplay between the circadian and cell cycle clocks.


  • Samuel Chevrier (M.Sc.)
  • Carl Bowazolo (Ph.D.)
  • Bahareh Zaheri (Ph.D.)

Plus: Publications


  • BIO-1153: Biologie cellulaire
  • BIO-2162: Compléments de biologie cellulaire
  • BIO-3900: Chronobiologie
  • BIO-6028: Séminaires en biologie végétale
  • BIO-6157: Biochimie et bio moléculaire des plantes