Daniel Kierzkowski

Daniel Kierzkowski
Assistant professor
department of biological sciences



Plant development, organ patterning, live imaging of organogenesis, organ growth tracking, plant morphodynamics.


Understanding how organisms shape their bodies is a key question in biology. In our lab we are interested in plant development at the molecular, cellular and organ level. The expertise of the lab on quantitative growth analysis is applied to understand how biological forms are generated during development of plant organs. We aim to dissect how fine-tuning of gene actions, growth, patterning and tissue differentiation interact to produce divergent shapes. On the fundamental level, our objective is to integrate these different aspects of plant development into a comprehensive models of organogenesis to provide essential background for reasoning how plants shape their body.

Plus: Publications


  • Émilie Echevin, M.Sc.
    (co-supervision Anne-Lise Routier)
  • Constance Le Gloanec, Ph.D.
  • Lin Wenye, Ph.D.


  • BIO-2372: Anatomie et morphogenèse des plantes