Three new professors at the IRBV

Two new botanists at the Botanical Garden and the IRBV

Following the retirement of two researchers during the summer of 2020, two new researchers are joining the IRBV research team: Marie-Hélène Brice and Geneviève Lajoie.

Marie-Hélène Brice wrote her Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Pierre Legendre from the Université de Montréal and Marie-Josée Fortin from the University of Toronto. An expert of community ecology, she studied the effect of climate change on the spatio-temporal dynamic of the temporate boreal forests. Prior to that, she completed her M.Sc thesis at the IRBV under the supervision of Stéphanie Pellerin and the co-supervision of Monique Poulin from Université Laval.

Geneviève Lajoie studied biogeography and the evolution of plant-microbe interactions. She obtained her Ph.D. under the supervision of UQAM’s Steven W. Kembel, on the subject of the phyllosphere of trees. She completed her M.Sc thesis at the Université de Sherbrooke under the supervision of Mark Vellend.

A new curator for the Marie-Victorin Herbarium

The IRBV is also welcoming a new professor at the department of biological sciences, Étienne Léveillé-Bourret, who will also act as curator of the Marie-Victorin Herbarium.

Étienne Léveillé-Bourret is an expert of plant systematics, particularly of the Cyperaceae family. He uses genomic tools to understand evolution and the biogeography of plants. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Julian Starr.