Face to face with an expert

The 2019 edition of the Tête-à-tête series of ‘face to face’ discussions with researchers of Space For Life – including many from the IRBV – is on! One Saturday every month, you are invited to an informal meeting with some of our scientists.

These face to face discussions are to take place in French. For more information on individual events, click on the web links below.

14 September 2019
Précieuses semences
with Stéphane Bailleul and Frédéric Coursol

12 October 2019
Plantes et champignons: une histoire d’amour souterraine
with Jacynthe Masse and Pierre-Luc Chagnon

9 November 2019
Métier: éleveur d’insectes
with Mario Bonneau and Dominic Ouellette

7 December 2019
Si les arbres pouvaient parler
with Andrée Hallé and Alain Cogliastro

11 January 2019
Comment créer des univers?
with Simon Bélanger

15 February 2019
Tout sur la Lune
with Olivier Hernandez

7 March 2019
Les ennemis naturels: nos alliés indispensables au jardin
with Marie-Ève Gagnon

4 April 2019
Recréer le Saint-Laurent en circuit fermé
with Nathalie Rose Le François