Anne Bruneau is awarded the Armand-Frappier Prize

It is with great pride that the directors of the IRBV – Jacques Brodeur and Simon Joly – have announced that our colleague Anne Bruneau was awarded the 2018 Armand-Frappier Prize. She received the prize in a ceremony held on 21 November 2018. Created in 1977, the Prix du Québec are the highest distinction given annually by the government of Québec in the fields of culture and science. They represent the gratitude of Québec for the great contribution to our society of these exceptional women and men.

The Armand-Frappier Prize is the highest distinction given to a person with a career in research, having contributed to the development of a research institute, or having dedicated themselves to the administration or promotion of research, therefore assuring a continued interest of the population for science and techonology.

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