SQP’s phytotechnology conference will focus on using plants to decontaminate soil

On May 27-28, the Société Québécoise de Phytotechnologie will hold its ninth annual conference. The organization brings together professionals involved in research, teaching and application of phytotechnologies for treatment of water, air and soil using plants. This year’s conference will focus on the different mechanisms and processes that allow plants to decontaminate our environment, highlighting projects specifically designed to use plants for decontamination.

Participants include renowned speakers and experts from Quebec, Canada and abroad, among them Hans Brix from Denmark (treatment wetlands), Alan Darlington from Ontario (living walls), David J. Nowak from the United States (urban trees) and Michel Mench from France (phytomanagement of contaminated soils).

This year, the SQP will benefit from a special collaboration with researchers from the GenoRem Project, which proposes an innovative approach to phytoremediation with the aim of developing green technologies to decontaminate polluted soils. This collaboration will allow SQP members to benefit from an extra half-day session dedicated to the project’s findings.