A Mexican delegation visits the IRBV

On January 17, 2014, the IRBV welcomed researchers from the state of Morelos, Mexico. The delegation was composed of members of the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology of the state of Morelos, as well as scientists in the field of plant biotechnologies for the agri-food sector. The visit was organized in conjunction with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MESRST), the Ministry of International Relations, International Commerce and French-Language Affairs (MRIFCE) and the Quebec Centre for the Advancement of Biotechnologies (CQVB).

The goal of this mission was to lay the groundwork for future collaboration, while informing delegates about Quebec-based activities in these fields, in terms of research as well as partnerships between scientists and industry. This initiative highlighted the IRBV’s important role, and may lead to interesting developments for both our scientists and those from the state of Morelos. Delegation members expressed great interest in our research projects, and were very impressed by our facilities and collections, in particular the Marie-Victorin Herbarium.