Congratulations to our researchers!

On May 13, the ceremony Bravo à nos chercheurs honored Université de Montréal researchers who received major awards and grants during the past year. Several IRBV researchers were among the honorees.

Daniel Matton was awarded a Université de Montréal Chair to continue his research on the molecular biology of plant reproduction, specifically on cellular signalization and plant development. This research was initiated as part of the Canada Research Chairs program.

Jacques Brisson, in collaboration with Sébastien Sauvé from the Chemistry Department and Michel Labrecque and Frédéric Pitre from the IRBV, received funding from the Canadian Innovation Foundation and the Government of Quebec to create a centre (CREDEAU) that will focus on research, development and validation of technologies and procedures for water treatment.

Mohamed Hijri was awarded a prize to celebrate partnership, by the Quebec Association for Research and Innovation Development. The prize recognizes his research to develop molecular markers for optimizing utilization of mycorrhizal fungi in large-scale plantations. He shares the honor with partners Biopterre, the Marine Biotechnology Research Centre and Premier Tech.

Congratulations to all the award recipients!

From left to right: Guy Breton, rector of the Université de Montréal, Mohamed Hijri, Jacques Brisson, Daniel Matton, Anne Bruneau, director of the IRBV, and Geneviève Tanguay, vice-rector of research, creation and innovation (©Andrew Dobrowolskyj).