Sougata Roy is the 2012 recipient of the Marie-Victorin Excellence Award

Sougata Roy is the 2012 recipient of the Marie-Victorin Excellence Award, which is offered to one IRBV doctoral student each year. The selection committee unanimously chose to offer Sougata the $3000 grant, based on the quality of his research project and his exceptional abilities.

He is conducting his doctoral research in Davis Morse’s laboratory, studying the mechanisms responsible for gene expression in Lingulodinium polyedrum. Calm and thoughtful by nature, the young scientist originally from India is passionately committed to his research on this unicellular, bioluminescent alga. It is one of the organisms responsible for much of the primary production in the ocean, through photosynthesis, and consequently plays an important role in the earth’s carbon cycle.

Sougata’s research focuses on the molecular functioning of L. polyedrum, whose metabolism and physiology are controlled by circadian rhythms. His objective is to understand how the internal clock of this organism operates, and to acquire information that will help us better understand the impact of internal clocks in pluricellular organisms, including humans.

Sougata is exceptionally talented, possessing impressive knowledge and teaching skills. In the laboratory, he is greatly appreciated by his colleagues for his vast scientific knowledge, as well as his kindness and team spirit. In addition to his research project, he is actively involved in one of the lab’s large-scale projects, the analysis and annotation of the L. polyedrum transcriptome. He has already published two articles in prestigious journals, including one in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), which has an impact factor of 9.7.

In his classes and lab meetings, he chooses cutting edge topics at the forefront of scientific research, and always raises pertinent elements for discussion that demonstrate his thorough analysis of the subjects being studied. He has received a grade of A+ in every Ph.D.-level class he has taken. An excellent student, he is already a captivating speaker, able to make his presentations accessible to his audience.

Without a doubt, Sougata possesses all the qualities required to achieve his goal, which is to pursue his career in academia.