CEMRS donates $300,000 to the IRBV

At the final meeting of the board of directors of the Centre d’excellence de Montréal en rehabilitation de sites (CEMRS, Montreal Centre for Excellence in Site Remediation), held at the IRBV on May 25, board members formalized a donation of over $300,000 to the IRBV. Having decided in December 2011 to cease operations after more than 14 years of existence, CEMRS members acted upon a stipulation in the organization’s letters patent, and remitted the balance of its funds to the IRBV, an institution with similar objectives. Representatives of the IRBV welcomed this donation, and pledged to pursue the CEMRS’ mandate of excellence in the field of remediation of contaminated sites. Specifically, this donation will serve as a springboard to finance the creation of applied research programs in phytotechnology, or enable direct support of site remediation initiatives using phytoremediation approaches.

For more information, consult the press release (in French).