Jacques Brisson receives 2012 Teaching Excellence Award

Jacques BrissonThe Université de Montréal’s Office of the Vice-Rector of Academic Activities presented its 2012 Teaching Excellence awards on May 25th. These awards honor professors for their exceptional contribution to students’ academic progress.

In the tenured professor category, an award was presented to Jacques Brisson, full professor at the IRBV. He received the award for his exceptional communication skills and teaching abilities, which are greatly appreciated by his students.

Involved in both fundamental and applied research, his work focuses on population ecology, competition between plants, control of invasive species and water filtration by aquatic plants.

Joining former IRBV laureates Mario Cappadocia (FAS 2006 Teaching Excellence Award) and David Morse (FAS 1999 Teaching Excellence Award and 2008 Provost Prize for Innovative Teaching), Jacques Brisson continues the tradition of teaching excellence at the IRBV and contributes to the training and development of passionate future scientists in plant biology.