in vitro platform


The in vitro culture laboratory is used by researchers and students whose research requires plant material to be cultured under aseptic conditions in a controlled environment. All equipment necessary for every phase of plant in vitro culture is available. Denis Lauzer is the platform supervisor.

Platform description

The IRBV’s in vitro laboratory platform includes all infrastructure and equipment necessary for in vitro plant culture:

  • a lab for preparing culture media (glassware, culture vessels, chemicals, scales, pH meter, four microwave ovens, medium distributor, hot plates, shakers, etc.);
  • a transfer lab (laminar flow hoods, binocular magnifiers, orbital shakers, etc.);
  • five incubation labs with shelving (with controlled temperature and photo-period conditions).


Fees for IRBV members

Members of the IRBV can use the in vitro platform facilities free of charge. A fee-based culture maintenance service is available for researchers whose cultures must be maintained in growth chambers. A fee-based service is also available for researchers whose experiments require in vitro culture.

Non-member fees (academic)

  • Training (required): $50 / hour
  • Platform use: $75 / hour

Non-member fees (industry)

  • Training (required): $100 / hour
  • Platform use: $150 / hour

Culture space rental (non-member users)

Under certain conditions, it may be possible for non-members of the IRBV to rent space in the growth chambers. This possibility must be discussed with the laboratory supervisors.

Responsibilities and Regulations

  • The in vitroplatform supervisor is Denis Lauzer.
  • To use the platform, your name must be on the list of registered users. To register, contact the laboratory supervisor.
  • All new users are required to participate in a guided tour of the laboratory, conducted by the supervisor, for instructions on operating the equipment, as well as laboratory safety procedures.
  • To obtain space in the growth chambers, see the laboratory supervisor.

Contact us


Denis Lauzer
514.343.6111 extension 82355
Room F350

Our equipment

  • 1 microwave oven (Panasonic)
  • 1 media dispenser (Wheaton Model III)
  • 1 vortexer (Scientific Industries Genie 2)
  • 2 magnetic stirrers (Corning PC-353)
  • 1 stirrer/hot plate (Corning)
  • 1 pH meter (Acumet AB15)
  • 1 toploading Sartorius scale (CP323S)
  • 1 analytical Sartorius scale (CP124S)
  • 1 refrigerator (Inglis)
  • 3 laminar flow hoods (Canadian Cabinets H6-MW-97-C30)
  • 3 safety bunsen burners (Integra Fireboy Plus)
  • 2 stereomicroscopes (Leica Wild M3B)
  • 1 orbital shaker (Thermolyne Aros 160)
  • 1 stirring and heating plate (Corning)
  • 1 orbital shaker (Lab-Line 3590)

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