Proteomics and biochemistry platform


The proteomics and biochemistry platform (PBP) includes all equipment required for the expression, extraction, purification, quantification, concentration, detection, localization, conservation and analysis of proteins. The platform equipment was acquired thanks primarily to grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) totaling $1.2 million.

Description of the platform

The proteomics and biochemistry platform is housed mainly in two laboratories; a few pieces of equipment are located in other laboratories nearby.


The proteomics platform charges fees for services based on usage time. Users therefore have access to all platform equipment for the time period specified in their contract and must respect all IRBV regulations regarding the platform.

The platform offers IRBV members the option of yearly, monthly or daily fees for using equipment. Fees for service can be paid before or after equipment is used. Fees for non-members offer the sole option of an hourly rate for platform access, and will be billed after the equipment has been used in order to cover actual hours used. A different fee scale applies to academic and industrial external users; the former pay one half the rate of the latter. Training is required for all external users.

Fees for IRBV members

  • Regular use for 1 year: $100 (unlimited use of all platform equipment for 12 months)
  • Regular use for 1 month: $10 (unlimited use of all platform equipment for 30 days)
  • Equipment use: $5 (occasional use of 1 piece of equipment for 1 day)

Non-member fees (academic)

  • Training (required): $50 / hour
  • Platform use: $75 / hour

Non-member fees (industry)

  • Training (required): $100 / hour
  • Platform use: $150 / hour


  • To use the platform equipment, your name must be on the list of registered users.
  • To register, contact the appropriate equipment supervisor (or Nicolas Boivin, if no supervisor has been assigned to the equipment you wish to use).
  • All users must participate in a training session in order to be authorized to use the platform independently.
  • For non-members, the conditions for using each piece of equipment will be specified in the contract pertaining to its use.
  • All users must sign the ‘log book’ each time they use a piece of equipment.
  • All users must ensure proper use of the equipment.

Our services


  • Training in plant biotechnology
  • Characterization
  • Purification
  • Interaction
  • Expression


  • Incubation
  • Centrifugation
  • Sample preparation
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Lyophilization

Contact us

Daniel Philippe Matton
Office F345

Nicolas Boivin
514.343.6111 extension 82073
Office F335

Our equipment

Proteomics room material

  • 1 FPLC ÄKTA Avant 25
  • 1 FPLC ÄKTA Express
  • 1 ImageQuant LAS4010 (GE)
  • 1 Typhoon PhosphorImager 9200
  • 1 Typhoon PhosphorImager trio
  • 1 Bio-Rad Protean IEF Cell
  • 1 Spex 2010 Genogrinder
  • 1 Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100

Biochemistry room equipment

  • 1 incubator 37°C
  • 1 centrifuge (Optima MAX-XP)
  • 1 spectrophotometer (Variant)
  • 1 Image Quant 350 (GE)
  • 1 French press
  • 1 gel dryer (Bio-Rad 583)
  • 3 Speed vac
  • 2 freeze dryers
  • 1 PE scintillation counter
  • 2 incubated shakers
  • 1 centrifuge (Bon)
  • 1 centrifuge (Sorval)
  • 1 centrifuge (Beckman)
  • 1 ice maker

Cold chamber

  • 1 sonicator (Branson 250)
  • 1 bead beater
  • 1 homogenizer
  • 1 rotator

Equipment situated in nearby laboratories

  • 1 nano spectrophotometer
  • 1 transilluminator
  • 1 plate reader
  • 1 PDS-1000-He System

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