Teaching labs

Two of the IRBV’s laboratories are used exclusively for teaching purposes. The first, which can accommodate 40 students, is located in the administrative building of the Montreal Botanical Garden. The second, with a capacity of 50, is located in the neighboring Biodiversity Centre. Undergraduate students conduct all experiments assigned in plant biology courses offered at the IRBV by the Department of biological sciences of the Université de Montréal in these labs.

Teaching labs are fully equipped to meet these needs. Equipment for experiments in in vitro culture, plant physiology, molecular biology and biotechnology includes laminar flow hoods, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, precision scales, thermocyclers, microscopes, binoculars, electrophoresis systems and micropipettes. Other resources are also available, such as a teaching herbarium and a large collection of microscope specimens used for lab courses in floristics, systematics, anatomy and plant development.

Theoretical courses are held in the IRBV classroom located in the Garden’s administrative building (capacity of 40) or in the auditorium of the Biodiversity Centre (capacity of 85).

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