Michel Labrecque – projects

Phytoremediation of contaminated sites

The utilization of plants to decontaminate polluted soils is one of the main topics of the laboratory’s research themes. In recent years, various projects have studied strategies to promote the establishment of plants on sites that may be contaminated by organic or inorganic pollutants.

Our research team is interested in the development of green approaches to decontaminate and rehabilitate polluted sites, in particular brownfields, vacant urban lots and industrial sites. We study low cost solutions to restore lost ecological integrity to these sites. By planting species adapted to the difficult conditions that characterize these sites, we have completed several projects that simultaneously “green” and rehabilitate a site, following decontamination.

In this context, our research group is interested by the physiological functions of plants as well as their responses when submitted to the environmental stresses. Diverse aspects are studied in order to improve plant performances to resist to harsh conditions which characterized these sites as well as their phytoremediation potential.

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