Introduction of native willow species for biomass production

Labrecque saules biomasse

This project examines the future integration of native willow species into plantations in SRIC. Little is known about the genetic variations of native willow populations in Canada. The main objective is to identify clones likely to produce higher biomass yields. This project is coordinated by Alex Mosseler, a researcher with the Canadian Forest Service in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The main activities are to:

  1. Identify populations of native species of Salix with potential for biomass production
  2. Collect and propagate stem cuttings
  3. Establish field trial sites to measure biomass production and assess genetic variation in these populations
  4. Harvest and measure biomass
  5. Identify the most promising clones and conduct further trials on a larger scale

These research projects are funded by the Ecology Technology and Innovation Program of Natural Resources Canada.