Jacques Brisson

Jacques Brisson
Full professor
department of biological sciences



Plant population ecology. Competition for space. Integrated plant management. Invasive species. Aquatic macrophytes for wastewater treatment.


Our focus is on the identification and quantification of mechanisms of plant intra- and inter-specific competition for space. On the fundamental level, our objective is to integrate plant growth plasticity in competition processes and to evaluate the consequences on plant population and community dynamics. The expertise of the lab on plant competition for space is applied to solve environmental problems such as invasive plant species in natural areas, vegetation management in rights-of-ways, and the use of fast growing macrophytes in constructed wetlands.

Chairholder of the Phytotechnology NSERC/Hydro-Québec Industrial Research Chair.

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  • BIO-1283: Évolution
  • BIO-2703: Stage d’écologie forestière
  • BIO-3753: Stage d’écologie végétale
  • BIO-3754: Écologie végétale
  • BIO-6970: Écologie des milieux humides