Alain Cogliastro

Alain Cogliastro
Associate researcher
Institut de recherche en biologie végétale

Guest professor
department of biological sciences


I currently am in pre-retirement and cannot accept new M.Sc and Ph.D. students. However, I am available for the supervision of trainees without field work.


Ecology and silviculture of deciduous tree species. Development of silvicultural and agrosilvicultural systems. Restoration of degraded agro-forested environments.


Many of the proposed solutions to improve the state of the forest as well as agricultural landscapes and urbanized environments include tree planting interventions. The way in which these plantations are established and managed can be oriented in such a way as to ensure the supply of wood to future generations and the mitigation of problems of function and conservation of ecosystems.

My research program focuses on controlling the establishment and growth conditions of hardwood tree species. I study the diversity of environmental situations of sites that are the result of the abandonment of agricultural activities or that present high levels of disturbance. I am also trying to develop ways of integrating the tree with agroforestry practices (eg intercropping).

It is through experimentation that we seek both to develop knowledge of the ecology of hardwood trees and to define silvicultural routes adapted to initial conditions and objectives.

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