Permanent staff


  • Anne Bruneau, director

Administrative staff

  • Lucie Campeau, coordinator
  • Anne-Marie Gagné, secretary
  • Joëlle Morin, accountant

Biodiversity Centre

  • Anne Bruneau, scientific director

Technical staff

  • Dave Smith, lab and workshop assistant

Members of the board of directors

Corporate Members

Université de Montréal representatives City of Montreal representatives

Daniel Boisclair
Director – Department of Biological Sciences

Frédéric Bouchard
Dean – Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Marie-Josée Hébert
Vice-rector – VRRDCI

Charles-Mathieu Brunelle
Executive director – Space for life

Michel Labrecque
Head of the Division of Research and Scientific Development – Montreal Botanical Garden, Space for life

René Pronovost
Director – Montreal Botanical Garden, Space for life

Other members of the board of directors

Jacques Brisson
Professor and researcher – IRBV

Anne Bruneau
Director – IRBV

Jean Carpentier
Vice-president – Pétromont Inc.

Yves Gauthier
Vice-president, international programs
Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation

Pierre B. Meunier
Lawyer – Fasken Martineau Law Firm

+ Centre sur la biodiversité