Phyllotactic Patterns by Denis Barabé and Christian Lacroix

Phyllotaxy, the arrangement of leaves on an axis or stem, has been a subject of interest to botanist and mathematicians for a long time. For many years now, this phenomena has also been analysed using methods stemming from molecular biology and biophysics. In “Phyllotactic Patterns: A Multidisciplinary Approach”, Denis Barabé (emeritus researcher at the IRBV) and Christian Lacroix (professor at the University of Prince Edward Island) have published a synthesis of types of models published in the last 25 years.

The book was recently published at World Scientific:

The IRBV among finalist candidates for the ESTim 2020 contest

The IRBV is among the finalist candidates for the ESTim 2020 contest (in the ‘Sustainable developement project’ category) from the Eastern Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

It’s the Phytovalix project
which was submitted for the contest. It involves researchers Michel Labrecque, Frédéric Pitre, Joan Laur and Patrick Benoist, as well as Polytechnique professor Yves Comeau. The winner will be announced on 1 October.

Anne-Lise Routier receives an important CFI grant

Congratulations to Anne-Lise Routier who has just obtained a grant of $497 000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation – “Multi-Scale Biomechanics and Advanced Imaging Laboratory”. The grant will be used to expand our microscopy platform. Anne-Lise has also recently received two grants from the FRQNT, one titled “Relation entre la croissance et la prolifération des cellules du méristème apical chez Arabidopsis thaliana” (Young Researcher) and “Comment la forme des fruits est contrôlée chez les Brassicacées” (team project in collaboration with Daniel Kierzkowski and Simon Joly).

A generous donation from the IRBV

In solidarity with the health workers and research teams fighting COVID-19, our labs, under the invitation of the Université de Montréal, have generously gathered and sent protection items to the Ste-Justine hospital, to be redistributed across the network of Montreal hospitals. We have been able to gather 60 N95 masks, 50 anti-dust masks and 113 boxes of gloves. We have also supplied acetate sheets to the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal which have been used in the fabrication of 120 homemade reusable visors.

A huge thank you to everyone having contributed to this donation. It is a small drop in the great ocean of protection gear needs, but every little counts in these troubled times.

A new mode of dispersion

The research project of Jacques Brodeur’s Ph.D. student Gongyu Lin was featured on the 28 March 2020 episode of La semaine verte. Watch here (in French).

From the program’s website (our translation):
The use of predatory insects in pest control has been going on for years. But what if we had them carry beneficial fungi on their backs, this could bring integrated biological control to another level.