Other students (co-supervisions, etc.)

Supervised by members of faculty but enrolled in a different program or university


Valéria Bertoldi
   codirection Jacques Brodeur for Eric Conti, Université de Perugia, Italie

Kaur Diljot
   co-supervision Jean Rivoal for Jacqueline Bede, McGill

Geneviève Gagné
   co-supervision Alain Cogliastro for David Rivest, UQO

Anne-Frédérique Gendron St-Marseille
   co-supervision Jacques Brodeur for Benjamin Mimee

Zhanna Grebenshchykova
   co-supervision Jacques Brisson and Yves Comeau, for Florent Chazarenc, école des mines de Nantes

Leigh Joseph
   co-supervision Alain Cuerrier for Darcy Mathews, University of Victoria

Sophie Maccario
   co-supervision Michel Labrecque for Marc Lucotte, UQAM

Pranav Pande
   co-supervision Marc St-Arnaud for Étienne Yergeau, INRS-IAF

Liliana Quiza Moreno
   co-supervision Marc St-Arnaud for Étienne Yergeau, INRS-IAF

Anthony Voisard
   co-supervision Jacques Brodeur for Alain Létourneau, Université de Sherbrooke


Kevin Lajoie
   co-supervision Frédéric Pitre for Simon Barnabé, UQTR

Arold Lavoie
   co-supervision Stéphanie Pellerin for Daniel Kneeshaw, UQAM

Ruoxi Liu
   co-supervision Jean Rivoal for Jacquie Bede, McGill University

Bio-informatics program

Jee Eun Kang (Ph.D.)
   supervision Mohamed Hijri, Faculty of medecine, UdeM
   co-supervision A. Ciampi, McGill University

DÉSS in environment and sustainable development

Aleena Massenet
   supervision: Michel Labrecque