Pierre-Luc Chagnon

Adjunct professor
department of biological sciences



Microbial ecology, mycorrhizal symbioses, life history strategies, plant-soil feedbacks, community assembly, ecological networks, behavioral ecology.


In my lab, we study plant-microbial interactions, and their implications in the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. We adopt a wide variety of approaches (observational and experimental) and concepts (e.g., network theory, behavioral ecology) to test both fundamental and applied hypotheses in plant and microbial ecology. Part of my research aims more specifically at better understanding how microbial traits can help us to more predictably improve current phytotechnologies (e.g., phytoremediation of polluted soils, green roofs, river banks restoration).

Plus: Publications


  • Rana Bali, M.Sc student
    (co-supervision: Mohamed Hijri)
  • Jihene Ben Ghnia, Ph.D. student
    (co-supervision: Larbi Khouja, Université de Tunis)
    Évaluation des rétroactions plantes-sol favorisant l’établissement de l’arganier en Tunisie
  • Antoine Héneault, M.Sc student
  • Mélanie Venant, stagiaire bénévole


  • Cours EDD-6050: Gestion de la biodiversité

+ Centre sur la biodiversité