Anne Bruneau

Full professor
department of biological sciences



Molecular systematics of legumes and the Rosa genus. Evolution of reproductive systems, pollination, polyploidy and hybridization in flowering plants.


My main areas of research interest are plant systematics and evolutionary mechanisms, studied through sequencing and fragment analyses. My goals are to collect and integrate morphological and molecular data to further our understanding of phylogenetic relationships in flowering plant taxa, with the ultimate aim of producing predictive classification systems. The molecular characters are derived from both the nuclear and the chloroplast genomes and variation is examined through sequencing and restriction site analyses.

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  • BIO-2115: Principes de phylogénie et de systématique
  • BIO-2315: Plantes utilisées par l’Homme
  • BIO-6245: Méthodes d’analyse phylogénétique
  • EDD-6050: Gestion de la biodiversité

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