Marie-Victorin Fund

Donations to the Marie-Victorin Fund help support higher education and train future professionals and researchers in the field of plant biology.

The Marie-Victorin Fund is a permanent fund named in honour of the founder of both the Montreal Botanical Garden and the Université de Montréal Botanical Institute (Institut botanique), now the IRBV. A portion of the fund’s revenues is used each year to offer a bursary to a Ph.D. student registered at the Université de Montréal.

Your donation to the Marie-Victorin Fund will make it possible to:

  • offer a prestigious bursary with a minimum value of $5 000 to a Ph.D. student whose thesis supervisor or co-supervisor is a professor-researcher at the IRBV;
  • encourage students to pursue their doctoral studies at the IRBV;
  • stimulate advanced research at the IRBV.

Progress of the fundraising campaign for the Marie-Victorin Fund


Impacts and benefits

  • Promote excellence in research;
  • Develop highly-skilled future researchers;
  • Heighten the importance and impact of research in plant biology;
  • Increase the leadership and visibility of the IRBV within the scientific community.

Thank you to our generous donors

Coop fédérée Amis du Jardin Botanique

To make a donation

Make a difference! YES, I wish to contribute to the Marie-Victorin Fund and support future researchers in plant biology.

By mail: Please fill out and print this form and mail it along with your donation to the following address:

Université de Montréal
Bureau du développement et des relations avec les diplômés
C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3J7

By internet:

IMPORTANT: In the section “Fonds les plus souvent demandés”(Most popular funds) of the on-line form, check “Donner à une faculté ou un service” (Donate to a faculty or service).

A new section, “Choisir une faculté ou un département” (Select a faculty or department) will open up just below.

Write “Fonds Marie-Victorin” (Marie-Victorin Fund) in the dialog box with the instructions “Si vous désirez donner à un projet spécifique au sein d’une faculté ou d’un service, indiquez-le ici” (If you wish to make a donation to a specific project within a faculty or a service, specify the project name here ).

If you have any questions about making a donation

Senior Advisor
Marie-Claude Giguère

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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About Marie Victorin

Frère Marie-VictorinBorn Conrad Kirouac, Brother Marie-Victorin (1885-1944) had the gift of being able to communicate his passion for science to a wide audience.

His extensive scientific inventory of the plants of Québec’s St. Lawrence River Valley was published under the title La flore laurentienne in 1935, and has since been updated and reprinted (1964, 1995). One of the founders of ACFAS (Association canadienne française pour l’avancement des sciences) in 1923, he also supported the establishment of clubs for young naturalists (Cercles des Jeunes Naturalistes). He was a major force behind the creation of both the Montreal Botanical Garden, now ranked among the greatest botanical gardens in the world, and the Université de Montréal Botanical Institute (Institut botanique de l’Université de Montréal), known today as the IRBV (Plant Biology Research Institute).

Brother Marie-Victorin was not only a passionate scientist and skilled communicator, he envisioned and worked tirelessly to create permanent venues for the discovery of the many facets of nature’s beauty.