Christian Norton is awarded the Clarendon scholarship

Christian Norton, a M.Sc. student under the supervision of Alain Cuerrier and Luise Hermanutz (MUN), was awarded the prestigious Clarendon scholarship.

This scholarship covers the tuition fees, research costs and an allocation to cover his stay in Oxford for 4 years, for a total of about 280 000$.

Christian Norton is one of the 140 recipients and this scholarship will help him get his Ph.D. in plant ecology at Oxford University.

Congratulations Christian!

Two brief articles on the subject:

(Français) Sam Karathanos à la Semaine Verte

Sam Karathanos, a research professional with Jacques Brisson, was interviewed for a news story by Ginette Marceau shown on the 15 April 2018 edition of La semaine verte at Radio-Canada. The segment titled Recréer un milieu naturel (“Recreating a natural habitat”) covers the topic of the battle against invasive species in the context of the restauration of natural habitats in national parks. Sam was specifically interviewed about the control of phragmites at the Parc des Iles-de-Boucherville.

View here.

La Terre vue du coeur, a documentary

The Hubert Reeves documentary titled “La terre vue du coeur” (Earth Viewed From The Heart) is being shown at the Beaubien Cinema from the 13th of April to the 9th of May (and possible longer). This documentary about the preservation and renewal of biodiversity includes interviews with many authors, philosophers, militants and scientists such as the IRBV’s Michel Labrecque who incidentally will be answering questions following two showings, on April 13th 7:30pm and April 15th 2:45pm.

For more information on the documentary, to view an excerpt or for the showings schedule, see

This article recently published in Le Devoir also has information on the film.

The Université de Montréal honours its employees

The Université de Montréal has honoured its employees having cumulated 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years of service, in a ceremony held on April 4th. Three of these employees are from the IRBV:

  • Lucie Campeau, coordinator, 40 years of service
  • Luc Brouillet, professor, 35 years of service
  • Denis Lauzer, lab coordonnator, 30 years of service

For more on the ceremony, have a look at this article published in UdeM Nouvelles (article is in French).

The IRBV in UdeM Nouvelles

The contents of an article recently published in Microbiome by researchers of the IRBV with collaborators is the subject of a new article in UdeM Nouvelles. The article, titled “Trees, fungi and bacteria: tripartite metatranscriptomics of a root microbiome responding to soil contamination”, was published by IRBV researchers Michel Labrecque, Marc St-Arnaud, Simon Joly and Frédéric Pitre, IRBV postdocs and assistants Nicholas Brereton, Julie Marleau and Werther Guidi Nissim as well as researchers from McGill University. Nicholas Brereton from the IRBV was one of the people interviewed for the article.

Read in UdeM Nouvelles: “Quand les plantes, les champignons et les bactéries s’unissent pour décontaminer les sols“.

2018 Pehr-Kalm grants from the Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden

The Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Pehr-Kalm grants.

First prize M.Sc.: Philippe Heine
Second prize M.Sc.: Frédéric Dwyer-Samuel

First prize Ph.D.: Aymeric Yanitch
Second prize Ph.D.: Gongyu Lin

Again this year the members of the jury were very impressed with the efforts put in by students in popularizing their research results.

The Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden are proud to support IRBV students in the pursuit of their studies and hope that this experience will encourage them to keep sharing their research results.

Congratulations to the winners!

The IRBV in Chinese news

Michel Labrecque represented the IRBV last week in the ceremonial signing of a collaboration with the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden for a research project in the field of phytoremediation. The event, which took place at the Shanghai town hall in the presence of the mayor of Shanghai Mr Ying Yong and of the prime minister of Québec Philippe Couillard, was reported in the Chinese National television news program on January 27th (watch here).

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