André Bouchard honoured by the CIEL

On 9 June, the Centre d’intendance écologique (CIEL) posthumously made André Bouchard an emeritus member. For the occasion, our collegue Jacques Brisson presented a summary of André Bouchard’s works on the ecological and forest history of the upper St.Lawrence. Talks and currently underway with the ministry of Environment as well as the conservation organisation Nature-Québec to give the name ANDRÉ-BOUCHARD to a nature reserve that encompasses the bogs of the Terres-noires-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent (Large and Small Teafield).

Ethnobotanical research honours Inuit plant knowledge

A recent article published by Alain Cuerrier in Botany is the subject of a new blogpost titled “Ethnobotanical research honours Inuit plant knowledge” at Canadian Science Publishing. The article compares plant use in 2 Inuit communities, one in Labrador and the other in Nunavik.

The blogpost is available at the following link: (en anglais).

Detecting bacteria in space

The publication of a scientific article written by the IRBV’s Frédéric Pitre and Nicholas Brereton alongside McGill University’s Emmanuel Gonzalez is the subject of a feature in UdeM Nouvelles titled Detecting bacteria in space. The original article, titled ANCHOR: a 16S rRNA gene amplicon pipeline for microbial analysis of multiple environmental samples has just been published in Environmental Microbiology.

Photo © Agence Spatiale Canadienne

Maxime Fortin Faubert receives the Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal

Congratulations to Maxime Fortin Faubert, a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Michel Labrecque and Mohamed Hijri, who was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal. He can be seen in the photo, which was taken during the ceremony, next to the honorable J. Michel Doyon, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.

For more information on this prestigious distinction, see the following link.

Vote for your favourite photo in a ACFAS photo contest

The 10th edition of the ACFAS’ contest La preuve par l’image has started and citizens are invited to vote for their favourite photo before 15 September 2019. The IRBV’s Étienne Laliberté has made it into the top 20 shortlist with photo #4 titled “Detecting the invader by drone”. You are invited to vote for it by visiting the contest’s website at

Genetics help predict the budding of leaves

Simon Joly research results on the genetic response of trees and shrubs to climate change, which were recently published in Methods in Ecology And Evolution, are the subject of an article in UdeM Nouvelles.

the article in UdeM Nouvelles (in French)

the original article titled “On the importance of accounting for intraspecific genomic relatedness in multi‐species studies” in Methods in Ecology And Evolution

photo © Tim Savas

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