A scientific collaboration prize for Stéphanie Pellerin

On 21 November, the Institut d’administration publique de Québec (IAPQ) revealed the winners of their excellence prizes. A team of researchers from the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS) including the IRBV’s Stéphane Pellerin, won the new prize for scientific collaboration, for their project titled “Des approches pour planifier la gestion des milieux humides pour assurer leur pérennité“.

This scientific collaboration prize, which was created in a partnership with the Québec Research Funds, is awarded to a team having contributed to a projet with a significant impact on the public programs and policies, as well as on the Quebec population, through the production, collection and usage of scientific knowledge and information in various spheres of research (such as health, nature and technologies, society and culture).

For more information, have a look at this video of all the nominated finalists. The QCBS project starts at the position 3:30 within the video:

Photo legend: Jean-Pierre Pellegrin, president of the jury, Alain Rousseau, Valérie Dupont, Monique Poulin, Sophie Lavallée, Stéphanie Pellerin, Daniel Lachance, Sharon Clavet, Julie Deslandes, Rémi Quirion, the chief scientist of Quebec and the representative of the Québec Research Funds.

4 prestigious scholarships for IRBV students

Congratulations to the four IRBV students below who were just awarded prestigious scholarships from the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Graduate And Post-doctoral Studies:

Roxane Archambault-Vermette
Under the supervision of Stéphanie Pellerin, co-supervised by Julie Talbot
National Bank Scholarship, $5000

Raphaëlle Dubois
Under the supervision of Stéphanie Pellerin, co-supervised by Raphaël Proulx
Rosdev Excellence Scholarship, $5000

Émilie Échevin
Under the supervision of Anne-Lise Routier, co-supervised by Daniel Kierzkowski
Catherine Fradette Scholarship in biological sciences and neurology, $4000

Mathilde Gaudreau
Under the supervision of Jacques Brodeur, co-supervised by Paul K. Abram
Renewal of the Hydro-Québec Excellence Scholarship, $20000