Winners of the 2020 photo contest of the IRBV

The winners of the IRBV 2020 photo competition are:

Scientists In Action category: Béatrice Gervais
Working with contaminated soil
Neither the Botanical Garden nor the members of the team who participated in recycling and mixing contaminated soil for greenhouse experiments can be recognized. From 2019, we were taking major protective measures!

Life At The IRBV category: Marion Leménager
International Day of Women in Science
On February 11, we celebrated the International Day of Women in Science with this group photo!

Field Or Laboratory category: Audréanne Loiselle
A peatland symphony
Installation of a microphone in a floating bog to record song insects. The species are then identified by audiovisual analysis of the spectrograms of the recordings.

Flora And Fauna category: Rosalie Beauchamp
Canopy puzzle
Canopy formed by Agonis flexuosa (Willd.) Sweet at d’Entrecasteaux National Park in Australia. The crown shyness phenomenon is still poorly understood and can only be observed in certain tree species. Adaptation against the spread of pathogens, abrasion of branches when they swing in the wind, fierce competition for light or, on the contrary, a peaceful agreement to share space?