Governor General’s Academic Medal

We are proud to announce that two of our graduates – Paul Abram and Marie-Hélène Brice – have been selected as recipients of the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal.

This honour is given annually in every recognized Canadian university to graduate students with outstanding scholastic achievements.

The event took place during the graduation ceremonies at the Université de Montréal, on Friday the 2 June 2017.

Congratulations to Paul Abram and Marie-Hélène Brice!

Abram, Paul
Developmental, morphological, and behavioural plasticity in the reproductive strategies of stink bugs and their egg parasitoids
Ph.D. thesis, Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Jacques Brodeur, co-supervision Guy Boivin

Brice, Marie-Hélène
Impact de l’urbanisation sur la diversité spécifique et fonctionnelle dans les forêts riveraines
M.Sc. thesis, Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Stéphanie Pellerin, co-supervision Monique Poulin