Bara Altartouri, 2016 recipient of the Marie-Victorin Grant

Bara Altartouri is the 2016 recipient of the Marie-Victorin Excellence Award, presented annually to a doctoral student at the IRBV. The selection committee awarded the $5000 prize to Bara for his research project, “Intricate cell shape formation in Arabidopsis pavement cells”.

The committee members – researchers Alain Cuerrier, Colin Favret and Luc Brouillet – were greatly impressed by the scientific quality of Bara’s project, the clarity of his descriptions, as well as the young researcher’s many qualities.

Dr. Anja Geitmann, his thesis supervisor, agrees wholeheartedly with their assessment, adding that Bara is one of the most talented students she has supervised in her career. “Integrating into my research program, which focuses on plant development from a mechanical perspective and draws upon biology, engineering, microscopy and physics, is quite a challenge,” she says. “Bara, whose expertise is in molecular biology, familiarized himself rapidly with this multidisciplinary research program, and collaborates with researchers from several different fields. He has established new collaborative partnerships and proposed innovative experimental approaches that put our research projects on the leading edge in the field of plant development.”

Bara and his supervisor have already published an article synthesizing this research in a major scientific journal, Current Opinion in Plant Biology. Dr. Geitmann fully expects that Bara’s findings will be published in prestigious journals, particularly the results of his original experiment on labelling cellulose in living plant cells, in which he applied innovative methods.

Photo: Daniel Boisclair, Anne Bruneau and Bara Altartouri. Photo © Zoueki, UdeM